101 Ideas for Innovative Teachers

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Education can be exciting and can be fun. This book should be used by teachers to inspire and motivate students to become active and life-long learners.

A modern teacher needs to assume a constructive attitude and apply innovative teaching techniques. State-of-the-art IT equipment and computer programmes are available to aid your work in class.

Some examples from this compilation: marine biology, solar eclipse, the Uffizi Gallery, the media, the logic of Minesweeper, chain reaction, a story in totems, molecule models. You can illustrate any of these topics with wonderful photographs, fascinating slide shows and simulation programmes.

You may give your students the task to take pictures and gather information from the Internet to create a display or a webpage. They may be asked to take measurements, record the results in charts, and draw diagrams to demonstrate the processes.

I do encourage all my fellow teachers to boldly use state-of-the-art technologies and programs in their classes.

Edit Somogyi, IT teacher
Vásárhelyi Pál Secondary School of Commerce, Budapest


Really useful ideas to make even the dullest parts in the curriculum colorful, spectacular, and easy to understand!

I find it particularly beneficial that by participating in the task of preparing the presentations, your students will be more actively involved with the material they are studying.

György Fuchs, History teacher
Jedlik Ányos Secondary Grammar School, Budapest

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